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Collaborative Dispute Resolution

Find your solution and get back to what matters.


Why mediate?

Mediation empowers the parties in a dispute, and allows for creative solutions that a court could never come up with. Mediation can also be much more efficient and cost-effective than going through litigation.

Mediation takes the "what if" out of going to trial. The parties get to craft their own solutions to their problems with the help of a skilled mediator, instead of having a judge impose an outcome on them. When you get to have some say in the outcome of your dispute, it can be much easier to get back to the more important things in your life.

When to Mediate?

Mediation can be a great tool to resolve conflicts at all stages, whether a dispute is just emerging, or a trial is coming up.

A well-timed mediation before a dispute gets out of control can help parties avoid a court battle, help fix misunderstandings, or help repair the relationship between the parties. This can save time, money, frustrations, and relationships.

Once litigation is underway, mediation can help parties resolve some or all of their issues, and gives the parties a chance to control the outcome of their dispute. Mediating early in litigation can be a great way to avoid the frustrations and delays that come with having to go to court. If you can't resolve your legal issues early, that's ok! It's never too late to mediate.

Why Mediation?

Hi, I’m Ashley Syer.
I'd like to be your mediator.

Law can be complicated. I want to help you resolve your legal disputes.

I like to help people and businesses find simple and practical ways to help people solve their problems. That means I will take the time to learn about you or your business, and figure out what I can do to best help you and your unique situation. Sometimes, that means thinking outside the box to find creative solutions.

I am a mediator. That means I help parties with conflicts resolve their issues in a collaborative way. I think taking ownership of a settlement and being a part of it is something that helps all parties to a dispute move forward.

Some recent examples of cases I have mediated include:

  • A complex wrongful dismissal case involving with-cause allegations and a counterclaim

  • A motor vehicle accident where the plaintiff had long-lasting psychological injuries arising from the accident

  • A commercial lease dispute with allegations of breach from all parties

  • A claim arising from a consulting agreement with allegations of cause for termination and director mismanagement

  • A dispute between a co-op and a resident that involved the possible termination of the resident's housing


I hold a Certified Mediator (C. Med) designation from the ADR Institute of Canada, and a Registered Roster Mediator (RRM) designation from Mediate BC, which means I have and continue to meet strict training and education standards as a mediator. 

I am a roster mediator for the BC Human Rights Tribunal, and mediate human rights complaints. I am available to mediate human rights matters outside of the ordinary Tribunal process. For parties with counsel, please ask me about my fixed rate for BCHRT mediations.

Being a part of my community is important to me. I am currently on the Board of Mediate BC Society. I have been involved in the Canadian Bar Association's BC branch, in its Civil Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Sections. I am also on the Women Lawyers' Committee of the Trial Lawyers Association of BC. I am listed as a mediator on the Civil Roster of Mediate BC, was part of the quarantine mediation pilot program, and am a mentor for the Mediate BC mentorship project. I also volunteer my time with great organizations like Access Pro Bono, and take the time to mentor new lawyers and mediators whenever I get the chance.

Outside of law, I enjoy theatre, travel, cooking, wine, photography, skiing, and everything this great province of ours has to offer.

My Education and Credentials

  • University of British Columbia, Juris Doctor

  • Harvard, Advanced Mediation Workshop: Mediating Complex Disputes (Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School)

  • Chartered Mediator (C.Med), ADRIC

  • Registered Roster Mediator (RRM), Mediate BC

  • University of Glasgow, Faculty of Law Exchange

  • University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology/Sociology Double Major)

  • Mediate BC, Small Claims Mediation Practicum Program

  • CLEBC, Mediation and Advanced Mediation programs


How I can help

I can help all the parties to a dispute reach a resolution they can live with, by working with the parties to craft their own unique solution. I mediate with parties who have their own lawyers, or those who are representing themselves.

I also facilitate difficult discussions in the workplace or between business partners, neighbours, or anyone else trying to work through challenging conversations. We can help you figure out what your interests are, find some common ground, and work toward a compromise.

I am happy to conduct mediations in person, via online platforms like Zoom or MS Teams, or by telephone. My available dates are show in the calendar below. If you don't see the date you want, please reach out to me directly to see if it is available.

For more information about mediation, please visit Mediate BC.

For more information about mediation with Gastown Mediation, please email me at

How I can help
Thank you so much for your help today. This would have went the court route if not for you. Again, an absolute pleasure working with you and I won't hesitate to use you in future mediations."

Counsel in an employment mediation


Full day mediation availability


Suite 300 - 171 Water St. 

Vancouver, BC  V6J 1A7


Tel: 604-343-1103

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